Template Filters on Static Text

shadow-static filters.png You can now apply our visual template filters to static (plain) text. Simply use [[ ]] instead of {{ }} for static text.

Template Action: Variable Fallback

shadow-new action.png Template Action: Variable Fallback gives you the power to have a dynamic fallback.

WooCommerce Product Reviews


our WooCommerce integration now supports product reviews. learn more >>

WordPress Plugin Reviews


show off reviews for your WordPress Plugin in 2 clicks. learn more >>

IP whitelisting

does your store or website have a firewall? now you can whitelist Fomo's static IP addresses to increase security. contact hello@fomo.com to get started.

Jumpseller integration

fomo-jumpseller-example-notification.png multi-lingual stores, meet multi-lingual social proof. learn more >>

2-Axis Stats Charts

shadow-sexy chart.png Better check out your impressions and clicks with our new 2-axis chart.

AmeriCommerce, f* yeah!


this "shopping cart for power users" is ready for action. learn more >>

Hover Animations


Add a little dash of animation when a visitor's mouse hovers over your notification.

choose the right car with DealerRater


introducing social proof for automobile dealerships. learn more >>