Goals for any interaction


Some notifications are not clickable, so let's allow tracking for hovers too.

Arrow animation


How to use in your template message: {{ variable | arrow }}

To change color: {{ variable | arrow #026aa7 }}

Active Visitors - aggregate by site category

Screenshot 2019-07-16 14.59.05.png

pageviews from multiple URLs can now be aggregated together via HTML meta tags.

<meta property="fomo:group_url" content="https://xyz.com/jeans">

you may also modify notification images & content on per-page basis via meta attributes.

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Preview Fomo event on your site


If you have the JS snippet on your site, using fomo=__test__ url parameter, you can show a test event. learn more >>

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Thinkific + Fomo

thinkific-fomo-notification-enrollment.png show off course enrollments and reviews from Thinkific. learn more >>

granular control for active visitors


introducing 2 new variables, {{ html_title }} and {{ html_first_h1 }}, to add even more context for your website visitors.

Comma-separated rule values

shadow-more rules.png Comma-separated values are now good to go! Example: If URL equals '/about, /contact, /faq'. This will apply the rule if any of the comma-separated values match.

Booker.com. nuff said.


spas, salons and wellness centers in between can show off recent appointments and orders from any branch in 3 clicks. learn more >>

MailerLite is on site


over 600,000 email marketers may now turn recent subscribers into live social proof on their website. learn more >>

Landingi fo' sheezy


you read that correctly. Landingi is a page builder that, starting today, helps marketers convert more leads with Fomo. learn more >>

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