MailerLite is on site


over 600,000 email marketers may now turn recent subscribers into live social proof on their website. learn more >>

Landingi fo' sheezy


you read that correctly. Landingi is a page builder that, starting today, helps marketers convert more leads with Fomo. learn more >>

Notification Limit Protection

shadow-limit_protection.png Suppose you have 2 sites on your Fomo account and your plan allows 50,000 notifications per month. Now you can set a 25,000 limit on each of your sites.

template connectors (advanced)


suppose you sell 10 products, but want to feature 1 of them on a landing page. now you can "teleport" those sales to a unique template with granular page rules.

Instant Action

shadow-instant-actions.png What about this, you have a button or link on a page (download pdf, start trial, etc). Instant Actions can watch for clicks of the button or link and create notifications like magic!

shipments and deliveries in the open



don't just tell customers you ship quickly, prove it. connect your Shippo account in 2 clicks to get started. learn more >> for the UK mates


show off recent product reviews from, or, whatever the kids are saying these days. learn more >>

Trigger Scroll

shadow-Screenshot 2019-05-01 13.10.52.png Want to trigger Fomo notifications when your visitor scrolls instead of a timer? Done.

ReCharge + Fomo

fomo-recharge-subscription-notification.png show off subscriptions and orders from ReCharge. learn more >>

beautify the weird stuff


if your integration has a useful (but ugly) variable like {{ sku }}, now you can coerce it to a pretty {{ title }} in 1 click.

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