shipments and deliveries in the open



don't just tell customers you ship quickly, prove it. connect your Shippo account in 2 clicks to get started. learn more >> for the UK mates


show off recent product reviews from, or, whatever the kids are saying these days. learn more >>

Trigger Scroll

shadow-Screenshot 2019-05-01 13.10.52.png Want to trigger Fomo notifications when your visitor scrolls instead of a timer? Done.

ReCharge + Fomo

fomo-recharge-subscription-notification.png show off subscriptions and orders from ReCharge. learn more >>

beautify the weird stuff


if your integration has a useful (but ugly) variable like {{ sku }}, now you can coerce it to a pretty {{ title }} in 1 click.

introducing Page Stream


show off total purchases on a per-product basis in 1 click. learn more >>

Chinese language support


Fomo now supports 25 different languages. 请享用!

"Tada!" template filter


How to use in your template message: {{ title | tada! }} (yup, with the !).


Counter filter for your numbers!


Add a dash of magic (err... animation) to the numbers on your notifications. How to use in your template message: {{ amount | count_up }}

show off website events from GA


if you track website Events with Google Analytics, you can now show them off with Fomo in just a couple clicks. learn more >>

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Fomo will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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