Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist


Not sure if you've set up Fomo correctly? No worries, check out our new step-by-step self-guided checklist! learn more>>

Greek + Turkish Language Translations


we now support Greek and Turkish translations! learn more>>

Site Alerts

shadow-Screenshot 2020-06-23 00.22.39.png Integrations connections are like eggs, sometimes they break. If something is not working, we will do our best to alert you and let you how to fix it.

Template Filter: Delete Linebreaks

shadow-Screenshot 2020-06-22 23.49.26.png Got linebreaks coming to your Fomo notifications? Try out our new delete_linebreak template filter.

Template Filter: State Abbreviation

shadow-Screenshot 2020-06-22 23.45.32.png Now have your US States abbreviated using abbr us_state - because shorter is better, right?

Template Filters on Static Text

shadow-static filters.png You can now apply our visual template filters to static (plain) text. Simply use [[ ]] instead of {{ }} for static text.

Template Action: Variable Fallback

shadow-new action.png Template Action: Variable Fallback gives you the power to have a dynamic fallback.

WooCommerce Product Reviews


our WooCommerce integration now supports product reviews. learn more >>

WordPress Plugin Reviews


show off reviews for your WordPress Plugin in 2 clicks. learn more >>

IP whitelisting

does your store or website have a firewall? now you can whitelist Fomo's static IP addresses to increase security. contact hello@fomo.com to get started.