YouTube integration


show off your subscriber count in 2 clicks. learn more >>

search for events with the API

introducing a new endpoint, /events/find, for simple event lookup by external_id or email_address.

useful for letting customers opt out of Fomo. learn more >>

Slovenian language support


Fomo now supports 24 different languages. hvala for your patience!

location variables in zero clicks

using Instant?

stop mapping location inputs from your web forms -- Fomo will do it for you.

introducing Scorecard


don't want to connect Google Analytics? no problem. measure Fomo conversions in 2 clicks. no extra code snippets, no developers. learn more >>

even more template rules


need to send your visitors to specific pages for specific events? we got you covered! (also available for image URL)

Publishers, increase your earnings.


bloggers know bloggers. help friends get paid by inviting them to Fomo Publishers, and earn $10 commission when they embed the Ad snippet.

Social proof ads are here.


turn customer behaviors into live advertisements. launch a campaign in seconds to drive targeted traffic to your website. learn more >>

Fomo + Gravity Forms


A wisemen touched my arm on the street and whispered in my ear, 'Gravity Forms'. So I built it. Gravity Forms with Fomo. Learn more >>

Fomo + Volusion

Volusion_Color_Logo_Dark.png Social proof's dominion over the eCommerce world expands to Volusion starting today. Go forth, shop owners - convert. Learn more >>

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Fomo will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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