Instant Action: URL Reached


You got a "Confirmation" or "Thank you" page, right? Now you can create an event when a visitor reaches this page.

Acuity Scheduling + Fomo

acuity-scheduling-fomo-notification.png show off appointment bookings from Acuity Scheduling. learn more >>

support for inline "replace"


suppose your ecommerce products have a "quick view" and a "full view" URL, but Fomo is pulling in the lower converting destination.

now you can swap out "substrings" in your URLs with new values, e.g.:

before: /products/red-shoes

after: /add-to-cart/red-shoes

learn more about Template Rules here.

Goal stats on dashboard


Using Scorecard to track conversions? Toggle between Google Analytics and Goal stats on your dashboard.

Goals for any interaction


Some notifications are not clickable, so let's allow tracking for hovers too.

Arrow animation


How to use in your template message: {{ variable | arrow }}

To change color: {{ variable | arrow #026aa7 }}

Active Visitors - aggregate by site category

Screenshot 2019-07-16 14.59.05.png

pageviews from multiple URLs can now be aggregated together via HTML meta tags.

<meta property="fomo:group_url" content="">

you may also modify notification images & content on per-page basis via meta attributes.

learn more >>

Preview Fomo event on your site


If you have the JS snippet on your site, using fomo=__test__ url parameter, you can show a test event. learn more >>

learn more >>

Thinkific + Fomo

thinkific-fomo-notification-enrollment.png show off course enrollments and reviews from Thinkific. learn more >>

granular control for active visitors


introducing 2 new variables, {{ html_title }} and {{ html_first_h1 }}, to add even more context for your website visitors.

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