choose the right car with DealerRater


introducing social proof for automobile dealerships. learn more >>

Aldelo POS integration


adding support for restaurants and retailers who use Storefront. learn more >>

introducing Storefront


social proof for brick & mortar retailers is here. get started >>

CSS Selector Page Rule


Use this page rule to pause notifications when a CSS path exists (or doesn't exist). Great for hiding Fomo during add to cart popups, menus, etc.

Rules support URL Host conditions


Set rules based on a subdomain or secondary domain using URL Host rule conditions.

Wildcard URLs on Instant


Got multiple pages with the same action element? Drop a * on that URL. Example:*

Status page


for all you nerds out there -- get the 200 on Fomo anytime, anywhere at

Magento 2.X - native edition


we've supported Magento 2.X since 2016, but we recommended 3rd party tools to make it work. Fomo now supports Magento 2.X natively. learn more >>

Instant Action: URL Reached


You got a "Confirmation" or "Thank you" page, right? Now you can create an event when a visitor reaches this page.

Acuity Scheduling + Fomo

acuity-scheduling-fomo-notification.png show off appointment bookings from Acuity Scheduling. learn more >>